List of options for V7

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List of options for V7

Post by mikros » Wed Jun 20, 2018 12:02 pm

Where can I get a full list of available options for V7 client?
It was very difficult to find needed options for this forum for my notebook such as cpu-usage (extra slot option) or disable-sleep-when-active (extra client option).

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CPU = [CPU-AM3-FX-8320BR] qty 1 AMD FX 8320 Eight Core 3.5GHz(+41.99)

Linux Mint 18
Open air case
Motherboard: ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z AM3+ AMD 990FX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD
AMD FD6300WMHKBOX FX-6300 6-Core Processor Black Edition with Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - CPU Cooler with 120mm PWM Fan
three gtx 1080,
one gtx 1080 TI on a powered header

Re: List of options for V7

Post by SteveWillis » Wed Jun 20, 2018 2:50 pm

On a linux box, in a terminal enter:
FAHClient --help

I don't know what it would be in windows.
This is what I get:

Code: Select all

steve@linux01 ~ $ FAHClient --help
14:47:57:INFO(1):Read GPUs.txt
Usage: FAHClient [[--config] <filename>] [OPTIONS]...

  --chdir <string>
      Change directory before starting server. All files opened after this
      point, such as the configuration file, must have paths relative to the new

      Create a basic configuration file, then exit.

  --dump <string>
      Dump either 'all' or a specific work unit, identified by its queue ID,
      then exit.

      Finish all current work units, send the results, then exit.

  --lifeline <integer=0>
      The application will watch for this process ID and exit if it goes away.
      Usually the calling process' PID.

      List the PCI bus devices, which can be helpful for finding GPU vendor and
      device IDs.

      Print work unit queue then exit.

      Send all finished work units, then exit.

  --send-command <string>
      Send a command to an already running client.

  --send-finish [string]
      Finish a slot or all slots on an already running client.

  --send-pause [string]
      Pause a slot or all slots on an already running client.

  --send-unpause [string]
      Unpause a slot or all slots on an already running client.

  --config <string=config.xml>
      Set configuration file.

      Print configuration and exit.

  --help [string]
      Print help screen or help on a particular option and exit.

      Print help in HTML format and exit.

      Print application and system information and exit.

      License information and exit.

      Set verbosity to zero.

      Increase verbosity level.

      Print application version and exit.

Configuration options:
The following options can be specified in a configuration file or on the command
line using the following syntax:

    --<option> <value>



  or when marking boolean values true:


Client Control:
  client-threads <integer=6>
    The number of client processing threads.

  cycle-rate <double=4>
    The maximum cycle frequency in Hz of client threads.

  cycles <integer=-1>
    Run at most this many cycles. A value less than zero means run indefinitely.

  data-directory <string=.>
    The directory, relative to the current directory, where WU data and cores
    are stored.

  disable-sleep-when-active <boolean=true>
    Attempt to keep the system from sleeping when folding, unless on battery.

  exec-directory <string=/usr/bin>
    The directory, relative to the current executable, where executables and
    dynamic libraries are located.

  exit-when-done <boolean=false>
    Exit when all slots are paused.

  fold-anon <boolean=false>
    Start folding even if not configured.

  idle-seconds <integer=300>
    Number of seconds of system idle time before enabling idle folding. Set to
    zero to ignore system idle time.

  open-web-control <boolean=false>
    Make an operating system specific call to open the Web Control in a browser
    once client is fully loaded

  config-rotate <boolean=true>
    Rotate the configuration file to a backup when saving would overwrite the
    previous configuration.

  config-rotate-dir <string=configs>
    Put rotated configs in this directory.

  config-rotate-max <integer=16>
    The maximum number of rotated configuration files to keep. A value of zero
    will keep all configuration file backups.

Error Handling:
  max-slot-errors <integer=10>
    The maximum number of errors before a slot is paused.

  max-unit-errors <integer=5>
    The maximum number of errors before a work unit is dumped.

Folding Core:
  checkpoint <integer=15>
    Tell cores to checkpoint at least every # minutes.

  core-dir <string=cores>
    The directory to store core files in.

  core-prep <string>
    Run this command on cores after they are downloaded. This option is useful
    for running Linux cores on BSD machines.

  core-priority <string=idle>
    Set the core priority. Valid values are: idle or low

  cpu-affinity <boolean=false>
    If true, try to lock core processes to a fixed CPU

  cpu-usage <integer=100>
    The maximum percentage of the CPU a core should use. Not implemented by all

  gpu-usage <integer=100>
    GPU usage as a percent from 10-100

  no-assembly <boolean=false>
    Tell cores to disable optimized assembly code.

Folding Slot Configuration:
  cause <string=ANY>
    The cause you prefer to support.

  client-subtype <string=LINUX>
    The client subtype

  client-type <string=normal>
    The client type. Can be 'normal', 'advanced' or 'beta'.

  cpu-species <string=X86_AMD>
    CPU species.

  cpu-type <string=AMD64>
    CPU type.

  cpus <integer=-1>
    How many CPUs a slot should use. <= 0 will use all the CPUs detected in the

  cuda-index <string>
    The CUDA device index of the GPU, counting starts from 0.

  disable-viz <boolean=false>
    Disable reading visualization data.

  extra-core-args <string>
    Pass extra arguments to the core.

  gpu <boolean=true>
    Enable or disable auto-confiugration of GPU slots, requires appropriate

  gpu-index <string>
    The index of the GPU as detected by the client. This index corresponds
    directly to the GPUs listed in the client's '--info' output.

  max-packet-size <string=normal>
    Max size in bytes of a work unit packet. Can be small=5MiB, normal=25MiB,
    big=500MiB or a number.

  memory <string>
    Override memory, in bytes, reported to Folding@home.

  opencl-index <string>
    The OpenCL device index of the GPU, counting starts from 0.

  os-species <string=UNKNOWN>
    Operating system species.

  os-type <string=LINUX>
    Operating system type.

  project-key <integer=0>
    Key for access to restricted testing projects.

  smp <boolean=true>
    Enable or disable auto-configuration of SMP slots, requires appropriate

  gui-enabled <boolean=true>
    Set to false to disable the GUI. A GUI is not currently supported on all
    operating systems.

HTTP Server:
  allow <string=>
    Client addresses which are allowed to connect to this server. This option
    overrides IPs which are denied in the deny option. The pattern 0/0 matches
    all addresses.

  connection-timeout <integer=60>
    The maximum amount of time, in seconds, a connection can be idle before
    being dropped.

  deny <string=0/0>
    Client address which are not allowed to connect to this server.

  http-addresses <string=0:7396>
    A space separated list of server address and port pairs to listen on in the
    form <ip | hostname>[:<port>]

  https-addresses <string=>
    A space separated list of secure server address and port pairs to listen on
    in the form <ip | hostname>[:<port>]

  max-connect-time <integer=900>
    The maximum amount of time, in seconds, a client can be connected to the

  max-connections <integer=800>
    Sets the maximum number of simultaneous connections.

  max-request-length <integer=52428800>
    Sets the maximum length of a client request packet.

  min-connect-time <integer=300>
    The minimum amount of time, in seconds, a client must be connected to the
    server before it can be dropped in favor or a new connection.

HTTP Server SSL:
  certificate-file <string>
    The servers certificate file in PEM format.

  crl-file <string>
    Supply a Certificate Revocation List. Overrides any internal CRL

  private-key-file <string>
    The servers private key file in PEM format.

  log <string=log.txt>
    Set log file.

  log-color <boolean=true>
    Print log messages with ANSI color coding.

  log-crlf <boolean=false>
    Print carriage return and line feed at end of log lines.

  log-date <boolean=false>
    Print date information with log entries.

  log-date-periodically <integer=21600>
    Print date to log before new log entries if so many seconds have passed
    since the last date was printed.

  log-domain <boolean=false>
    Print domain information with log entries.

  log-domain-levels <string ...>
    Set log levels by domain. Format is:
      <domain>[:i|d|t]:<level> ...
    Entries are separated by white-space and or commas.
      i - info
    For example: server:i:3 module:6
    Set 'server' domain info messages to level 3 and 'module' info messages to
    level 6. All other domains will follow the system wide log verbosity level.
    If <level> is negative it is relative to the system wide verbosity.

  log-header <boolean=true>
    Enable log message headers.

  log-level <boolean=true>
    Print level information with log entries.

  log-no-info-header <boolean=true>
    Don't print 'INFO(#):' in header.

  log-redirect <boolean=false>
    Redirect all output to log file. Implies !log-to-screen.

  log-rotate <boolean=true>
    Rotate log files on each run.

  log-rotate-dir <string=logs>
    Put rotated logs in this directory.

  log-rotate-max <integer=16>
    Maximum number of rotated logs to keep.

  log-short-level <boolean=false>
    Print shortened level information with log entries.

  log-simple-domains <boolean=true>
    Remove any leading directories and trailing file extensions from domains so
    that source code file names can be easily used as log domains.

  log-thread-id <boolean=false>
    Print id with log entries.

  log-thread-prefix <boolean=true>
    Print thread prefixes, if set, with log entries.

  log-time <boolean=true>
    Print time information with log entries.

  log-to-screen <boolean=true>
    Log to screen.

  log-truncate <boolean=false>
    Truncate log file.

  verbosity <integer=3>
    Set logging level for INFO messages.

  proxy <string=>
    Set proxy for outgoing HTTP connections

  proxy-enable <boolean=false>
    Enable proxy configuration

  proxy-pass <string=>
    Set password for proxy connections

  proxy-user <string=>
    Set user name for proxy connections

Process Control:
  child <boolean=false>
    Disable 'daemon', 'fork', 'pid' and 'respawn' options. Also defaults
    'log-to-screen' to false. Used internally.

  daemon <boolean=false>
    Short for --pid --service --respawn --log='' --fork

  fork <boolean=false>
    Run in background.

  pid <boolean=false>
    Create PID file.

  pid-file <string=Folding@home>
    Name of PID file.

  priority <string>
    Set the process priority. Valid values are: idle, low, normal, high or

  respawn <boolean=false>
    Run the application as a child process and respawn if it is killed or exits.

  run-as <string>
    Run as specified user

  service <boolean=false>
    Ignore user logout or hangup and interrupt signals

Remote Command Server:
  command-address <string=>
    The address to which the command server should be bound.

  command-allow-no-pass <string=>
    IP address ranges that are allowed access to the command server with out a
    password if the 'password' option is set. These addresses will also have to
    be allowed IP based access.

  command-deny-no-pass <string=0/0>
    IP address ranges that are not allowed access to the command server with out
    a password if the 'password' option is set. Overridden by

  command-enable <boolean=true>
    Set to false to disable the command server.

  command-port <integer=36330>
    The port to which the command server should be bound.

  eval <string>
    Evaluate the argument as a script.

  password <string>
    Set a command server password. Warning, setting a password disables the
    default IP address blocking.

  script <string>
    Run commands from a script file.

Slot Control:
  idle <boolean=false>
    Only run slot when idle.

  max-shutdown-wait <integer=60>
    The maximum amount of time to wait in seconds for a unit to exit on

  pause-on-battery <boolean=true>
    Pause the client or slot when the OS indicates the machine is running on
    battery power.

  pause-on-start <boolean=false>
    If true the slot will be started in a paused state.

  paused <boolean=false>
    True if slot is paused.

  power <string=medium>
    Set the client's power level. Valid values are 'light', 'medium' or 'full'.
    This setting affects the defaults of several other options such as 'cpus',
    'pause-on-battery', etc.

User Information:
  machine-id <integer=0>
    The machine ID.

  passkey <string=>
    Your passkey.

  team <integer=0>
    Your team number.

  user <string=Anonymous>
    Your user name.

Web Server:
  web-allow <string=>
    Client addresses which are allowed to connect to this Web server. This
    option overrides IPs which are denied in the web-deny option. This option
    differs from the 'allow'/'deny' options in that clients that are not allowed
    are served an access denied page rather than simply dropping the connection.
    The value '0/0' matches all IPs.

  web-deny <string=0/0>
    Client address which are not allowed to connect to this Web server.

  web-enable <boolean=true>
    Set to false to disable the web server.

Web Server Sessions:
  session-cookie <string=sid>
    The name of the session cookie.

  session-lifetime <integer=86400>
    The maximum session lifetime in seconds. Zero for unlimited session

  session-timeout <integer=3600>
    The max maximum amount of time in seconds since the last time a session was
    used before it timesout. Zero for no session timeout.

Work Unit Control:
  dump-after-deadline <boolean=true>
    Dump units if their deadline has passed.

  max-queue <integer=16>
    Maximum units per slot in the work queue.

  max-units <integer=0>
    Process at most this number of units, then pause.

  next-unit-percentage <integer=99>
    Pre-download the next work unit when the current one is this far along.
    Values less than 90 are not allowed.

  stall-detection-enabled <boolean=false>
    Attempt to detect stalled work units and restart them.

  stall-percent <integer=5>
    Minimum estimated percent work unit completion since last frame before a WU
    can be considered stalled, if zero the percentage is ignored.

  stall-timeout <integer=1800>
    Minimum time, in seconds, since last frame before a WU can be considered

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Re: List of options for V7

Post by bollix47 » Wed Jun 20, 2018 2:54 pm

Welcome to the community driven support forum for Folding@home mikros!

In windows open a command prompt and type:

Code: Select all

fahclient.exe --help
You can run that even while folding is running. :wink:
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Re: List of options for V7

Post by mikros » Wed Jun 20, 2018 3:03 pm


As a Windows user I'm used to help files, not command lines. It didn't think that I need to use command line help for Windows GUI-software, but you live and you learn.
I think it would be better to have these somewhere in this forum (they are now) or website as many users prefer GUI instead of command line these days.

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Re: List of options for V7

Post by bruce » Wed Jun 20, 2018 4:02 pm

FAHClient software (whether for Windows, for Linux, or for Mac OS-X) are all based on the same code. They're compiled with different compiler options, of course. The options for the command line Windows client are identical to the options for the Linux client except for minor syntax differences required by the Operating System (such as the double - in WIndows).

FAHControl (the GUI interface programs) vary in other ways to support OS-specific features -- such as the GUI themes -- which are different in each OS.

WebControl is unified since it only needs to interface with the standards of browsers.

There are many, many options which are only useful to Development, and if you change things without knowing what you're doing, you can cause bad things to happen. FAHControl gives you documented access to the ones that you might be expected to want to change but it does not prevent you from using the others, so be careful.

None of this has changed in any significant way since very early versions of FAH's software.

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Re: List of options for V7

Post by Yavanius » Wed Jan 02, 2019 2:41 am

I'm looking for either the webpage and/or the forum post(s) that talk about the different options you can enter. I remember seeing them here on the forum before and I thought they were linked in the Intro but I don't see that link. Also, it seems depending on which URL you use for the website that page may or may not pop up. Last time I had to use Google to find it and it was where it was suppose to be but only the domain name was different (I think I was looking off the old one).

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